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Pricing: First ride free, Single ride for $50, 4 rides for $180, and an unlimited month for $320.

Ascent-Fitness is bringing the InfraFitX to you!

The Original & most Advanced FAT Metabolism Enhancement NearInfrared Technology

What is InfrafitX+J?

InfrafitX+J is the result of many years of study and research in the areas of metabolism and obesity and has been proven
to offer long-term solutions to excess weight problems in people of all shapes and sizes. It is an ergonomically designed
recumbent exercise bike and infrared energy capsule combined into one device. The combination of moderate intensity exercise with deep thermal heating of the body produces the breakdown of fat cells and overall detoxification. InfrafitX+J sessions are 40 minutes in length and are completed three times per week.

What happens during a InfrafitX+J session?

A single InfrafitX+J session is 40 minutes in length (three
sessions per week is recommended). Using the InfrafitX+J is just
like riding an exercise bike under the summer sun. But, unlike
a traditional exercise bike, the biomechanically researched and
ergonomically designed position provides maximum comfort
and minimal fatigue because the weight of the body is properly supported and well distributed throughout the spine. This focuses the work primarily on the gluteal muscles (the largest muscles in the body). By using these muscles, you burn more overall calories even though the exercise is less strenuous than cycling on a regular exercise bike.
The infrared rays stimulate the metabolism of fat cells and encourage the reduction of fat in the body parts exposed to the MIACT infrared lights. The infrared lights can be positioned above the body parts you are looking to reduce.

During your session you have the opportunity to watch selections from our entertainment library. The computer screen also displays optimal heartbeat range and pedaling speed (for the maximum consumption of calories and minimum fatigue during the session).

What is the science behind InfrafitX+J?

The InfrafitX+J technology (MIACT), patented globally since 1994, is based on the following four principles:

  1. The rate of metabolism depends on the temperature of the surrounding environment and the temperature of the body fat. High temperatures encourage aerobic metobolism (energy produced through the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats in the presence of oxygen) and inhibit anaerobic metobolism (energy produced through the breakdown of carbohydrates in the absence of oxygen). Low temperatures, on the other hand, encourage anaerobic metabolism and inhibit aerobic metabolism.
  2. During aerobic metabolism the body will use fat cells before other types of cells (they tend to be the warmest).
  3. Although fat is an excellent thermal isolator (resists the transfer of heat between two objects) it can be warmed at deep levels with infrared rays. Pulsating infrared rays uniformaly warm even the deepest fat cells.
  4. The process of aerobic metabolism (and when it starts once a person starts exercising) will vary from person to person. People with sedentary lifestyles generally have an inefficient aerobic metabolism. For these individuals, 40 minutes of continuous cardiovascular exercise, at a low to moderate intensity, can activate their aerobic metabolism.

What is infrared energy and how does contribute to body fat loss?

Infrared energy (thermal energy) and water have many traits in common. Much like water (which makes up 75% of our bodies), infrared energy, is essential for the existence of essentially all life on the planet. They both vibrate at the same frequency. The fact that these two entities resonate at the same fequency allows our bodies
to absorb up to 93% of the infrared energy as a way to maintain and improve our health. This type of energy can penetrate the surface of the skin up to three (3) inches.

What type of results can I achieve with InfrafitX+J?

Using InfrafitX+J (as recommended) will:

• Change the shape and appearance of your body.
It reduces body fat in the areas exposed to the infrared rays and gets rid of unsightly fat deposits. A scientific research led by Societad Chilena de Obesidad has shown that InfrafitX+J helps you reduce body fat without special dietary changes.
• Strengthen your muscles. It increases the capacity of your working muscles to burn fat.
• Improve and increase your body’s metabolism.
Your metabolism becomes more efficient at burning fat. This ability improves with time and gives lasting results.
• Detoxify the body and increase longevity.
Detoxification promotes cardiovascular efficiency and reduces the risk of heart and metabolic diseases. A scientific research led by Dr Adolfo Panfili, the president of the International Orthomolecular Medical Association, has shown that regular exercise using InfrafitX+J increases the spontaneous production of melatonin, the “youth hormone”.
• Naturally reduce levels of stress, anxiety and even depression.
Exercise using InfrafitX+J stimulates the production of endorphins and increases cerebral serotonin concentration improving your emotional state.
• Increase you overall energy levels. During exercise your body produces more stamina and higher energy levels.
• Provide lasting results.
The results you will obtain from exercise using the InfrafitX+J will not only reduce your body fat but also improve your metabolism. Your body will learn to function more efficiently. Your muscles will burn more calories and fat even when resting.

What are the recommendations for the best InfrafitX+J results?

  1. Carry out the treatments regularly (not more than two or three days should pass between one treatment and the next).
  2. During the treatment period, try not to take in more calories that your body requires in order to maintain a stable weight (don’t eat more than usual).
  3. Avoid any direct exposure to cold. Avoid swimming in water of less than 32° C. Avoid cold showers.
  4. Drink lots of water before, after and during treatments. Filtered or bottled water is preferred.
  5. Avoid restrictive diets.